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The key documentation and other requirements to obtain a personal number

If you buy your personal plates straight from DVLA it’s all the easier, as you can be rest assured you get all the necessary paperwork straight after buying the right to own that particular code. There is a list of certificates which can be provided along with the registration number, but make sure you get at least one, especially if you buy from a dealer.
The most often used certificates include the following:

You can also assign a private registration number online and via post

The key conditions of assignment include the following:

You cannot put your newly bought personal plates to one of the following types of vehicles:

The good news is however that you can buy a private registration number even if you do not yet have the vehicle. You will get a certificate of retention, all you need to do is to contact DVLA as soon as you purchase a vehicle, to let them know of your intent to put the personal number on, instead of its original number plate. The certificate can even be enlarged for up to ten years. So, if you want a personal number, before you can pass it to its vehicle, you are free to do so.

You can also swap registration plate in-between vehicles, if you duly inform DVLA about it, the moment it happens. Check out DVLA’s official website or call them freely if you need more information. It’s much better to be informed well before, than getting a number which you wouldn’t be able to use in the future.

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