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DVLA Auctions and getting your private number through an auction

Let’s talk about the special auctions of DVLA out of which there will be 9 held throughout Britain in 2018.

Auctions are fun to go to and DVLA’s the UK’s primary office for all things driving and vehicle related, are no exception from that either. What would you find at DVLA auctions? Registration plates, licence plate numbers, which were once used but now they are waiting for their new owners. The fact of the matter is, that here, finding the number or letter combo you are looking for is much more worthy to search than elsewhere. The reason for that is, that in the UK, you cannot just get a new private licence done for yourself. You need to look and browse among all the registration plates released earlier until you get to find the combination you were looking for. This is why, rare combinations and specific combinations, especially those related to specific car brands, famous or popular car types or oldsmobile and there are several people, especially dealers, who are constantly on the lookout for these.

Special number plates are also called cherished number plates. These are the number plates which are the most looked for and that’s why it’s these which are mainly featured at the auctions too. Dealers also keep and collect number plates which used to belong to celebrities or otherwise famous people.

If there is a specific combination of letter and numbers you are looking for, then check the DVLA’s registration site and the registered dealers who are featured on the website of DVLA Register to see if they have or don’t have the combination you are looking for. Even if you don’t find it, you should keep watching as it may appear. As they always provide with the list of auctioned items on the DVLA website, check out the lists and the venues which are always held at marvellous places, including luxury hotels and castles.

And it is no wonder of all this luxury: the actual price of a rare licence plate can be over two million British Pounds! One can of course also bid through phone or through the internet. There are timed online auctions too to auction out less cherished and lower priced items too. The good thing in DVLA auctions is, that you can really find personal plates in all sorts of price range. If you only have a few hundred Pounds to afford for this, you can still find the registration number of your choice. The quick search option will also help you show what’s available and the basic price range of its availibility.

Don’t forget, that apart from getting the personal plates, you actually have to get it done in its physical form as noone would get these done for you. Only licenced and registered number plate suppliers are allowed to perform this task for you. On DVLA’s website there is current information per area on where to find the nearest supplier. Ensure you have all original paperwork with you, to avoid having to wait.

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